Graduate Research (Non-thesis)


Graduate students may submit exemplary non-thesis manuscripts or projects to the UBC Graduate Research collection, with approval from their course instructors or supervisors.

What can I submit?

Some examples of possible types of work include:

  • Essays/papers
  • Presentations (including posters)
  • Video and audio based projects
  • Graduating projects or papers
  • Authorized versions of published journal articles based on course-related research

Where do I submit my thesis?

This collection is NOT for UBC Theses and Dissertations which must be submitted in accordance with the requirements of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS) into the Electronic Theses and Dissertations collection in cIRcle. Please contact the G+PS for authorization to submit your thesis or dissertation.

How do I submit an item?

UBC Vancouver and Okanagan graduate students upload their own work, subject to course instructor or supervisor approval, to the UBC Graduate Research collection.


IMPORTANT! Before submission, discuss the approval process with your course instructor or supervisor. Tell your course instructor that they will receive an automated email from cIRcle requesting their online approval after you have uploaded your project. They must respond to this email within 48 hours or the link to approve the submission will expire. If the link expires you will need to contact cIRcle staff at to resubmit your item.

Instructions for submitting your work to the UBC Graduate Research collection

Please follow these steps:

    • Confirm that your course instructor or supervisor is prepared to approve your submission.
    • If you have multiple group members, ensure that all have approved the project for submission.
    • Prepare your submission for uploading:
      • Ensure that you have the final clean copy of the submission. The file should not contain any annotations, comments, handwritten notes, or private information eg. student number, phone number, fax number, personal email address or mailing address).
      • Name your file according to the cIRcle File Naming Conventions.
      • PDF format is preferred for documents but cIRcle staff can convert files to PDF on your behalf if needed.
  1. Register for a cIRcle login, if you don’t have one yet.
  2. After logging in, click on ‘Submissions’ (under ‘My Account’) in the left hand column of your screen. Then click on ‘start a new submission’ and select the ‘UBC Graduate Research’ collection.
  3. Follow instructions on the next screens carefully as you describe and upload your submission.
    • Be sure to enter your name in the format that you wish to be known by. You are beginning to establish your scholarly identity: do you want to be known by your full name, include middle initials, etc? You should use this format of your name consistently on all your scholarly work; this will make it easier for others to find and identify your work.
  4. On the final screen you will be asked to agree to the cIRcle license; please review the terms and agree to the license.
  5. Click on ‘Complete Submission’ and your submission will be routed to your course instructor or supervisor for online approval.
    • Please note that you may receive an automated email indicating that revisions to your submission are required. It is important that you respond to such emails to complete the submission process.
  6. After your course instructor or supervisor’s online approval has been received by cIRcle staff, we require an additional three to five business days to verify your record and add it to cIRcle.
  7. When your submission is added to the cIRcle database, you will receive a confirmation email with the persistent link to your project. A DOI will also be activated soon after your item is archived.
    • For your item statistics, click on the 'Usage Statistics' link at the bottom of your item’s web page to see the number of page displays (views) and file downloads from top countries and cities.

The UBC Graduate Research collection in cIRcle is for exemplary non-thesis graduate student work at UBC Vancouver and Okanagan. All work destined for this collection must be approved online (using a cIRcle login) by the students' course instructors or supervisors. Only submissions of exemplary quality should be approved.

Our documentation is currently being updated to reflect recent changes to the collection. In the interim, please see the Course Instructor Help Guide for GSS Award for further information on completing the approval process. Please note that the course instructor or supervisor names will not be present on the project’s cIRcle webpage.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please email cIRcle staff at or visit our Contact Us page.

The GSS (Graduate Student Society) cIRcle Open Scholar Award was a lottery based award for graduate students at UBC Vancouver which went live on July 9, 2012. The first two awards were presented on October 18, 2012.

As of May 1, 2017 the GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Award concluded its five-year term and the collection in cIRcle was renamed the UBC Graduate Research collection for non-thesis research material from both UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan campuses. Visit the GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Award wiki page for the history of the award and its past winners.