Atlas of British Columbia: people, environment, and resource use

In 1956, the first resources atlas of British Columbia was published by the British Columbia Natural Resources Conference. It was a remarkable achievement, representing the combined effort of the many people in industry, university, and government who comprised the conference. As a source of information about British Columbia, it was an outstanding reference and was […]

Sowing SEEDS in cIRcle

cIRcle is home to a collection of student reports from the UBC SEEDS (Social, Ecological, Economic, Development Studies) Program. SEEDS enables students, staff, and faculty to collaborate on research projects that address campus sustainability issues including water quality, transportation, and waste management. The SEEDS Collection in cIRcle ( is home to over 150 student projects […]

UBC Theses and Dissertations Collections

About the Retrospective Theses and Dissertations collection: 21,100+ titles in the above collection today represents the work of UBC graduate students from 1974-1987 and 1991-2006; End of March 2011, the remaining 10,000+ Retrospective Theses and Dissertation titles will be added to cIRcle; and, The final result? Complete coverage of UBC theses from 1919-2007. About the […]

Chapman Learning Commons (CLC)

The CLC Assistants can provide support to graduate students on formatting their thesis. For more information about Final Dissertation & Thesis Submission, click here. For more information about Electronic Thesis Submission, click here.