Depositing Graduate Non-thesis Research in cIRcle

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Did You Know?

If you are a graduate student currently enrolled at UBC, you can submit non-thesis research to cIRcle, UBC’s open access institutional repository. Our Submissions page for Graduate Non-thesis Work provides detailed instructions on the process. Here’s what you need to know to get started:

Academic Sponsor

Ask a supervisor, course instructor, or graduate administrator to support your submission to cIRcle. You can then login to cIRcle and deposit your own work. The academic sponsor whose name and email address have been added to the submission will receive an email notification to review and approve the submission and we take care of the rest!


You must be the copyright holder, or have permission from the copyright holder, for all content deposited to cIRcle in order to share work openly under a Creative Commons License. This includes any images, recordings, graphics, etc. that may be part of your submission. Visit UBC Copyright for more resources on navigating copyright.


You’ll be asked to describe your work to make it easily findable. This includes information such as Title, Author(s), and Date but also your Course Number and your Scholarly Level at the time of writing (e.g. Graduate, Undergraduate). Be sure to include an Abstract to help others easily understand the content and relevance of your work.


We recommend using non-proprietary formats and file sizes under 2GB to ensure ease of access and long-term preservation. You can upload text, video recordings, and even some datasets though we recommend visiting the UBC Library Research Data Management site for the latter. Our cIRcle File Format Guidelines provided more details on file types.

cIRcle Non-exclusive Distribution License

The last step of your submission is agreeing to the cIRcle License which gives cIRcle the right to make your work openly available and to preserve it long term. It also helps others understand how they can share or re-use your work under a Creative Commons License.

How long does it take?

Submitting can take as little as 5 minutes if you have all the required information and content. Our step-by-step instructions guide you through the process.

Approving your work may also take as little as 5 minutes for your academic sponsor as they should only be confirming that you are depositing a work which they have already viewed and assessed as appropriate for long-term open access via cIRcle: Instructions for Instructors/Supervisors or Graduate Administrators.

We’ll review your submission and, if we don’t have any questions or recommendations, you’ll receive an email notification within 7-10 business days with your persistent link to your work which you can share via social media, your CV, website, and more.

Who else is using cIRcle?

Explore more than 1,600 graduate non-thesis items in cIRcle via Open Collections, UBC Library’s multi-repository discovery platform.

Need Help?

If you have more questions, please contact us and let us help you share your research with the world!


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