cIRcle License

Submitting a cIRcle License

Before you complete the cIRcle Non-Exclusive Distribution License, please review the cIRcle Submission guidelines page or our Licenses & Permissions FAQ. Please contact cIRcle staff if you have any questions about the License or submission process. 

Reviewing the following tips will also help ensure quick and efficient processing of your deposit request:

  • A cIRcle Non-Exclusive Distribution License or equivalent permission (Example: Creative Commons License) is required for all material added to cIRcle
  • Only authors, creators, or copyright holders of a work can complete the License
  • One co-author may submit a License on behalf of a group
  • You can use one license to submit multiple items
  • You can complete the license form below or add a digital signature to the PDF version and email it to the cIRcle Office at circle.repository[at]
  • For Theses and Dissertations, this is for reference only; do not submit this form. You will complete this License during your thesis/dissertation submission process, after logging in to cIRcle.