Announcing the new cIRcle License 3.0!

Photo courtesy: Unsplash

It’s now easier than ever to deposit work to cIRcle with the new cIRcle Non-exclusive Distribution License (Version 3.0).  As of November 16, 2021, the cIRcle License includes terms for consent to use of image and audiovisual recordings making the cIRcle Submission Form the one link you need to guarantee open access and long-term preservation for a wide range of scholarly works including podcasts, performances, workshops and more!

With the cIRcle License you retain copyright and assign Creative Commons terms that help viewers know how to share and re-use your content. You also increase the impact and reach of your work by making it openly available for future generations via UBC’s institutional repository.

Complete the Submission form to share your work today, or contact cIRcle Staff to make an open access preservation plan for your conference papers, open education courses, grant-funded research projects and beyond.