About cIRcle


cIRcle is UBC's open access digital repository for published and unpublished material created by the UBC community and its partners, including faculty, students, and staff. Its aim is to showcase and preserve UBC’s unique intellectual output by making content freely available to anyone, anywhere via the web.

UBC is committed to developing a system for making UBC research accessible in open access repositories and cIRcle is part of this strategy. The Senates of UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan have both endorsed UBC’s Open Access Position Statement which encourages faculty to deposit their research in cIRcle. Additionally, some funding agencies have open access policies.


cIRcle’s main goals are:

  • To showcase the intellectual output of UBC and its partners by making the research carried out at UBC freely accessible;
  • To support teaching, learning, and research activities on campus; and
  • To preserve materials in cIRcle for future generations.

Why use cIRcle?

cIRcle enhances the global reach of and accessibility to UBC research and enables UBC researchers to comply with the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications. For details, visit Scholarly Communications Tri-Agency Open Access Policy.

Depositing in cIRcle offers provides three major repository benefits as follows:


  • We will work with you to get your materials submitted and take care of indexing to make them easily findable.


  • cIRcle content is indexed by high-profile search engines such as Google as well as academically focused search engines and collections such as Google Scholar, OAIster and CARL making it quick and easy for scholars and others to find your work.


  • We strive to maintain your work over the long term. And we won't change URLs every time there's a webpage redesign - the links to your materials will remain the same over time.


The cIRcle Impact and Activity Report 2017-2018 describes the engagement of UBC researchers, students, and community partners with cIRcle, and illustrates the dissemination of their scholarly work.

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