cIRcle Content Proposal Form

  • For use by UBC faculty, researchers and staff

    cIRcle welcomes content and project proposals from the UBC community. To manage projects, we invite those interested in submitting large batches of content (i.e. more than 10) or material that falls outside of cIRcle Content Guidelines to submit the Content Proposal Form for review and assessment before deposit can be considered. The following form must be filled out by the project lead or supervisor.

    Please note that all items in cIRcle must:
    - Adhere to the cIRcle Acquisition Policy and the cIRcle Content Guidelines
    - Have permissions that specifically support deposit in an institutional repository such as a cIRcle Non-Exclusive Distribution License (Version 3.0) license from the copyright holder
    - Be openly sharable with a Creative Commons license
    - Adhere to our File Format Guidelines

    If you have any questions while filling out this form, please contact us.

  • (eg. Professor, Mining Engineering)
  • Provide the email address of anyone else who should receive a copy of this form. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.
  • Is this material part of a conference or event? If yes, provide the name of the event and a link to a web page for the event as applicable.
  • Is this material part of a grant application or grant-funded project? If yes, provide the name of the grant and indicate the current stage of the application process, as applicable.
  • Description of content/materials

  • (e.g. will the content arrive as a one-time deposit, annual deposit, throughout the year, etc.)
  • For published works, please list publisher requirements for self-archiving (eg. embargo, copyright statements, etc.)
  • (e.g. faculty, graduate, undergraduate, non-academic, etc.)
  • For Non-English language materials, please indicate if you will be able to provide language expertise for the metadata.
  • (e.g. cultural sensitivities, permissions issues, lack of descriptive metadata, unusual file formats, etc.)
  • It is helpful to include a rationale for why this material is best suited for cIRcle. Consider goals for preservation, access, and dissemination that can not be met via other platforms. Is this material unique or similar to other content in cIRcle? How does it serve the research and teaching needs of local and global communities?
  • We will try to accommodate specific timelines, if possible.
  • Please send an email to with an attachment or link to a sample of metadata/content, as applicable. Note in your message that you have submitted a content proposal form.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.