cIRcle Content Proposal Form

  • For use by UBC faculty, researchers and staff

    This form is used for large batches of content (i.e. more than 10) that typically require a consult with the cIRcle office regarding permissions and metadata requirements before content can be uploaded to the repository.

    If you have a small number of non-embargoed items, you can send us your content via the cIRcle Item Submission Form.

    Before completing this form, please review the provisions listed in the cIRcle Non-exclusive Distribution License which must be granted by the rights holder(s) before content can be uploaded.

  • (eg. Professor, Mining Engineering)
  • If you have registered for a cIRcle account, please provide the same email address used for your cIRcle login.
  • Provide the email address of anyone else who should receive a copy of this form. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.
  • Description of content/materials

  • (If the item(s) are part of a conference or special event, please list its name here.)
  • Please provide as much detail as possible about the items you wish to deposit.
  • For published works, please list publisher requirements for self-archiving (eg. embargo, copyright statements, etc
  • We will try to accommodate specific timelines, if possible.