cIRcle Content Guidelines

The cIRcle Acquisition Policy states that:

a. cIRcle will accept research, and other academic and creative materials developed by members of the UBC community & its partners, including materials generated by faculty and students.

b. Materials produced by persons outside the UBC community may be added to cIRcle upon approval of the UBC Library. Normally, such materials must be closely associated with UBC. (For example, research undertaken collaboratively with UBC researchers, invited guest lectures presented at UBC, proceedings of conferences held on the UBC campus and co-organized with UBC, etc.)

The following guidelines are intended to clarify the type of content eligible for submission to cIRcle in terms of the Acquisition Policy.

NOTE: Submissions should not contain private information. See our FAQ for more details.

Within the context of the policy, UBC faculty and researchers may decide within their academic units what types of materials they wish to submit to cIRcle. Such materials could include preprints or postprints of published articles (if permitted by publishers/copyright holders), working papers, conference papers, lectures, monographs/e-books, book reviews, datasets, podcasts, webcasts, etc. Browse faculty content in Open Collections to discover the open access works of your UBC colleagues.

Graduate students

Theses and dissertations are uploaded to cIRcle by graduate students in accordance with Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies instructions: Final Dissertation/Thesis Electronic Submission
Graduate students may submit exemplary non-thesis manuscripts or projects to the UBC Graduate Research collection, with approval from their course instructors or supervisors. Please consult our graduate non-thesis submission guide for more details.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students interested in submitting their work to cIRcle should contact their instructor first. For more information see Undergraduate Submission Approval Form
Course instructors should then contact cIRcle staff ubc-circle[at] about including the best student work from particular courses in the cIRcle database. Such undergraduate student work should be worthy of long term online access and preservation in the cIRcle database. Instructors should provide formal approval for all student submissions via the Undergraduate Student Submission Approval Form
We provide submission guidelines for undergraduate students that can be adapted and embedded into course syllabi. Email ubc-circle[at] for a consultation.
UBC staff are welcome to contact cIRcle at ubc-circle[at] regarding proposed submission of their research, academic or work related creative materials to the cIRcle database.
Visiting scholars and other individuals and groups who participate in the activities undertaken at or in connection with UBC should communicate with the appropriate campus unit (e.g. the unit that invited them) if they are interested in submitting UBC related work to cIRcle.
cIRcle is currently unable to regularly accept content from alumni. Exceptional or unique material will be considered for deposit on a case-by-case basis – please contact cIRcle staff ubc-circle[at]
Theses and dissertations of most alumni are available in the UBC Theses and Dissertations collection.
The purpose of cIRcle is to archive content created by the UBC community and its partners.

The work must be contributed in digital form and should be complete and ready for viewing and uploading at the time of submission. Please see our File Format Guidelines for details on preferred formats. cIRcle staff cannot accept unencoded DVDs or CDs at this time.

UBC Library's Digitization Centre offers digitization services on a case-by-case basis. To request digitization assistance, please submit a Digitization Project Proposal Form