Undergraduate Work



What can I submit?

The Undergraduate Research collection in cIRcle aims to showcase and preserve UBC's exemplary undergraduate research across all disciplines. All undergraduate student submissions must be reviewed and approved by a course instructor or supervisor before submission.

To see what kinds of content are eligible for submission to cIRcle, please view the Student section of our Content Guidelines.

How do I submit?

Undergraduate students interested in submitting their work to cIRcle should contact their instructor first.

Students must complete the following steps:

  1. Confirm copyright status of all materials. View the Copyright tab for more information on how to do this.
  2. If you are depositing the work on behalf of a group, confirm that all authors have read and agreed to the cIRcle license.
  3. Have a UBC course instructor or supervisor fill out the Undergraduate Student Submission Approval Form.
    • Only one form is required per course or project.
  4. Complete the cIRcle Item Submission form, where you will be able to fill out the cIRcle license and submit your materials.
    • For works with multiple creators, only one author needs to submit the license.
    • It is recommended that students cc the person who completed the Approval Form when submitting.
    • Please ensure that the version you upload is the final PDF version and clearly states your name(s), date, and course information.
    • The file should not contain any annotations, comments, handwritten notes, or private information (e.g. student number, phone number, fax number, personal email address or mailing address).

Once you've completed the steps above, cIRcle will deposit the submission on your behalf and send you and/or the instructor/supervisor a persistent link to your work in Open Collections.

If you have additional questions about submitting your work to cIRcle, please take a look at our cIRcle FAQs or visit our Contact Us page.


Checking Copyright

All submissions to cIRcle must comply with copyright law. If your paper or project contains copyrighted materials, those materials must be used with proper permission. For more information, please see the Student Copyright FAQ and the Copyright Guidelines for UBC Faculty, Staff and Students.

Determining if your paper or project has copyrighted materials

Generally speaking, any material which was not created by you or your group may be under copyright. Some questions you should ask yourself to determine if your paper or project contains copyrighted materials are:

  • Does it include any images, including stock images, that were not made by me/members of the group?
  • Does it include images that were made by me/group members but incorporate images made by others, such as edited versions of other peoples' images?
  • Does it include videos that were not shot by me/group members?
  • Does it include graphs that were not made by me/group members?
  • Does it include logos or graphics of community partners?

If your paper or project contains copyrighted materials

If your paper or project contains copyrighted materials, you must obtain permissions from the copyright holder to use them. If you cannot receive permissions, you must remove all copyrighted materials from the version you deposit into cIRcle. You can also consult the UBC Copyright page for public domain or Creative Commons resources to use instead.

Help with Copyright

Copyright can be complicated. If you aren't certain if your paper or project contains copyrighted material or how to properly use your copyrighted material, you should ask your supervisor or contact the Copyright Office.