Faculty & Staff Work



For faculty, researchers, and staff, cIRcle is happy to offer a mediated deposit service to upload content on your behalf. This includes file upload & description, metadata creation, and e-mail notification of your persistent URL.

What can I submit?

To see what kinds of content are eligible for submission to cIRcle, please view the Faculty and Staff sections of our Content Guidelines.

If you would like to submit previously published content (such as an article in a journal), please confirm with your copyright transfer agreement/publisher policy to determine if the material can be deposited in an institutional repository. If so, you must verify which version is permitted and if there are any embargo periods.

For more information on copyright and publisher versions, please see the Copyright & Permissions tab.

How do I submit?

Once you have determined copyright permissions, please complete the cIRcle Item Submission Form:

  • Only authors/creators and/or copyright holders can complete the Item Submission Form.
  • You will be asked to complete the cIRcle Non-exclusive Distribution License.
  • One co-author may submit on behalf of a group.
  • Follow the instructions in the form to upload files or submit embargoed content.

Item Submission Form (up to 5 items)

For deposits of more than 10 items or to set up a deposit workflow, please see the Large Deposits tab.

If you have additional questions about submitting your work to cIRcle, please take a look at our cIRcle FAQs or visit our Contact Us page.

Copyright & Permissions

In general, the author or creator of a work owns the copyright, unless you voluntarily assign your copyright to a third party such as a publisher.

Article Versions

For previously published works, you’ll need to verify permission to deposit your work in an institutional repository. There are generally three versions of an article:

  • Submitted Manuscript (Pre-print): The author’s originally submitted manuscript, prior to peer review and publication
  • Accepted Manuscript (Post-print): The author’s final manuscript of the publication, which is submitted to the publisher for publication. It contains all revisions made during the peer-review process, but not any layout or copy editing done by the publisher. This is the version most commonly accepted for deposit.
  • Version of Record (Publisher version): The final version of the work produced by the publisher including copyediting, typesetting, logos, etc.

This diagram illustrates the different manuscript versions from submission to publication.

Version Statement

Most publishers require articles submitted to the repository to include a version statement and citation to the published version (where appropriate) :

  • Submitted manuscript (preprint) version: This article has been accepted for publication in [Journal Title] Published by [Publisher].
  • Accepted manuscript (postprint) version: This is a pre-copyedited, author-produced version of an article accepted for publication in [insert journal title] following peer review. The version of record [insert complete citation information here] is available online at: xxxxxxx [insert URL and DOI of the article].

Check your publication agreement/consult co-authors

Do you have permission to make a pre-print or post-print version of your published article available in an open access or institutional repository such as cIRcle? Authors can check their publishers’ self-archiving policy:

  • By consulting the publication agreement you signed with your publisher
  • By consulting the SHERPA/RoMEO database of publisher and journal open access policies
  • By consulting your publisher’s web site (you may find links on SHERPA/RoMEO)

If your paper was co-authored, please obtain the permission of your co-authors to upload the paper to cIRcle, and ensure that they agree to the terms of the cIRcle Non-exclusive distribution license.

For more information on open access see UBC’s scholarly communications website:

Our Author’s Guide to Self-Archiving, Publication Versions, and Permissions, additionally provides greater detail and context about self-archiving.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please visit our Contact Us page.

Student Work


Theses or Dissertations

For theses or dissertations, your students should review the instructions provided by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS).

Non-thesis Graduate Coursework

The UBC Graduate Research collection in cIRcle is for exemplary non-thesis graduate student work at UBC Vancouver and Okanagan. All work destined for this collection must be approved online (using a cIRcle login) by the students' course instructors or supervisors. Only submissions of exemplary quality should be approved. Please have your students follow the instructions on the Graduate Research (Non-thesis) page.

If you have received a notification about approving a student's work, please see the cIRcle Graduate Research Submission Instructions for further information on completing the approval process. Note that the course instructor or supervisor names will not be present on the project’s cIRcle webpage.


All undergraduate work must be evaluated and approved by a course instructor or supervisor before it can be deposited in cIRcle to ensure that it is worthy of long term online access and preservation.

In order to submit undergraduate work, please:

  1. Fill out the Undergraduate Student Submission Approval Form. Only one form is required per course or project.
  2. Direct your student to the “How do I submit?” section of our Undergraduate page, which will aid them in:
  • Checking their work for copyrighted material and personal information.
  • Filling out the cIRcle license
  • Submitting their work to cIRcle

Large Deposits

cIRcle welcomes content and project proposals from the UBC community.

To manage projects, we invite those interested in submitting large batches of content (i.e. more than 10) to complete a Content Proposal Form on the cIRcle web site. You can also download the form and email a completed version to circle.repository@ubc.ca.

This form is used for large batches of content that typically require a consult with the cIRcle office regarding permissions and metadata requirements before content can be uploaded to the repository. In order for content to be properly assessed, the form must be filled out by the project sponsor or supervisor. You can review this form before submitting to learn more about some of the questions we typically ask our contributors.